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Jurianne Matter FIELD flowers – large

Jurianne Matter FIELD flowers – large

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field bouquet or wreath
all you need to make this bouquet of flowers or a lovely wreath
there’s no need to cut or glue anything: everything has been perforated and creased for you, and the flower stems – the threadwire – are included
cut the flower wire to the desired length, guide it through the perforated slits and put together your bouquet

sustainable times two
FIELD is a doubly sustainable bouquet - it will never wilt and they are printed with vegetable inks on FSC certified paper

additionally, FIELD is the perfect gift to send someone: the flat A4 format can easily be sent in an envelope and will fit through every letterbox! We can also giftwrap the set for you so you can send it directly to the happy recipient

5 cards in A4 format (12 punched-out flowers)
6 metres of flower thread
the biggest thistle is 8cm in circumference when folded up
the biggest reed panicle is 10cm long when folded up
the branch is 28cm long
the large iris is 11cm high & 7.5cm wide


“For me, a product is only truly beautiful when it’s been created with respect for nature and humankind”
~ Jurianne

there has never been any alternative for me: since day one I have done my utmost to create my products in a way that is as clean and fair as possible

all paper products are made in Holland, the paper of the designs and the cardboard packages are FSC certified which is is acid and chlorine free

printed with eco-inks, the Vega-Fast ink is a Dutch developed printing ink based on vegetable oils

same story with my fabrics: the products are made under the world’s best certification

from the seed in the ground right down to the stitching in the factory, it all meets the strict GOTS requirements

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